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There is no better time to get help than now. "The Center"; Bergen county's housing health and human services building at 120 south river street hackensack . Go in and apply for shelter. they also have resources for homeless prevention.  

If you need to appeal:


if you are a recent (within 4 years) an x-offender and you are looking for shelter please go to Transition professionals for the referral.>

If you feel you need support like mental health or addiction info check out Bergen's web site and the staff at the housing building are trained in mental health first aid. but here are some resources you may want to check out.

click below:>

If you are homeless and have a mental illness and having a hard time in Bergen County please contact path> that's P.A.T.H. at CBH care Candida runs it . they may be able to help you or someone you know who is or in jeopardy of becoming homeless ..  201-646-0333  ask for path


Remember if you have been denied shelter there is an appeals process as we have already mentioned. if it is thought that you need help in certain areas like recovery or a support group please check out #StigmaFree information help is available.

The updated  fall HRG community resource guide also has the appeals process on our blog. >

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