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I never thought i would be homeless. I was raised by a good family in Mahwah NJ. When i was growing up i graduated Mahwah high school then got a job with my fathers oil company and did well for a while. i was diagnosed with dyslexia, i always felt that there was something wrong with me. I was also sent to this corrupt behavioral rehab called kids of Bergen county . which was later shut down by the Bergen County prosecutors office for child abuse etc. It was very traumatic. I do NOT  remember a lot; P.T.S.D. makes me remember the wrong things or not remember a lot.  It took me a long time to recover from that. most of the people including myself and my brother were forced to talk by physical intimidation and beatings.

  Later on when my parents passed away i started my own company, fixing trucks on site. After 9/11 my business went down hill. i got PTSD and knew i had other problems. 

    I just want to go back a little bit. i went to AA for many years thinking i was an alcoholic.  Then got kicked out of the house. When i straightened out my life i went back to my parents and off and on lived with various relatives.

    Later on I lost my company and had the fear always of becoming homeless. i started bouncing checks and hearing voices.  I ended up at the Bergen County Jail and got probation. then having a criminal record later at the age of 40 something and prior having a dwi because i have maxoficial surgery and i came out having pain i ran to the pharmacist and got my prescription and took one and of course i was impaired because of low tolerance i was impaired!It was there that i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, skit so-effective- and anxiety disorder. When i got out i was in tee Bergen county homeless shelter and was later kicked out of there because the meds the dr's put me on were really bad, and it lead to other behavior problems. It was a struggle. After numerous suicide attempts and countless hospital psych. stays i was homeless again sleeping where i could, getting food from where i could.

    I want to say first of all i'm not a religious holy roller, but i went to sleep one night behind this common homeless spot called Pep Boys in Hackensack i yelled out God why are you doing this to me!

    The next morning i woke up and felt something in my heart and thought to my self i wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy! I took the knowledge i learned about the resources in our area and decided to write a guide on places to get free things like food pantries and clothing pantries and where to get free meals. I felt it was from God!

    Today  the journey continues, with the help of many Pastures and Reverends from the Churches that help homeless with guidance and other needs, they have coached me threw out my homelessness and kept me going. Now being permanently disabled, living on food stamps and  finally getting in a rooming house, i continue my mission. God and my churches keep me going.

    I wont lie, yeah it would nice to have money again and be financially secure, but having my needs met is good enough for now. I continue to go to some of the churches in the area and continue to get spiritual guidance and move forward! Living on ssi and food stamps is a start. i just wanted to mention that. living in a rooming house now is a start. Things do get better.

    This is why i do what i do. when i had a lot of money working i was not really happy. I am more happy now than when i had a lot of money.

    I thank God for the Churches, my therapist, and the many Organizations that helped me threw my journey.

    Special thanks to Church on the Green, Church Emmanuel, Mt olive, and Carvery Temple In Hackensack NJ. Helping others it's what it's about. I must say Evan if you were not raised Catholic or other, i can't help but realize that God is good! I'm more spiritual now, we will call it.  Thank you for your time, 

Now i volunteer my time doing this! others that can't 

work, can make a difference!!


Paul Nickels

Ps. Hopefully people will help others, and it seems that Churches do the most help, not saying the Government isn't, but someone needs to  publicize the resources that are out there. I don't believe that there should be anyone homeless or starving in this great country! Lets make a difference.

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below are some pictures of the journey:

At Anderson Park "the River mission" spreading the word, praying for Hackensack and all suffering, from homelessness.

when i was homeless i spent many nights sleeping here in the park 

when i was homeless i spent many nights sleeping here in the park


many nights in the cold and the winter I slept here behind an abandoned house in Bergen County.

Then I got a case worker from an Organization called PATH. they help homeless people with mental illness find housing here in Bergen County.

The journey continues. I will have more pictures soon of my new life and the path I'm taking and the path that we all can take.  


Recent Trip to Trenton to meet with Covenant House sponsored

event; homeless youth awareness "camp out" many politicians from the state camped out at the State house to raise money and awareness for homeless youth!  it was a great event!  

I now go to one of my favorite Churches "Church on the Green" next to the Bergen county court house. they give spiritual guidance and feed anyone in need!

Also Church Emmanuel helps homeless and low income.
there are so many people along the way that are willing to help.
I continue my journey. one day at a time. Thank the lord!

And Calvary Church of Hackensack Assembly of God on state street next to the 7/11 they are so inspiring!

Most of us have been homeless for awhile. struggling to survive. I had gotten together and realized that this is not the way to live after many years I decided to start a group to help toughs who went threw & realized that no one has to go threw what wee did. hopeand FAITH kept us going!  We hope that we can inspire people to motivate themselves to get better physically, mentally and have a better attitude. We want everyone to have a better life! please use thisguide for all the information.if you have any questions We want to herefrom you! We can only help ourselves if we help others!! With out knowing it we are a GIFT!!!!! Our experiences can help others!

Thank you for your time We hope that we can work together and enjoy life to the fullest!

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Before i was an advocate when i had no mental health services and now. So please write a letter  to your legislator to not cut the funding