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Many Organizations were their including included Friends of Borgs Woods, New Mercy Community Church, St. Anthonyof Padua Church, Boy Scout Troop and Pack #5, Church on the green "River Mission  HHS Goin Green Club, HRG Homeless & low income Resource Guide Org. FDU Green Tea m,New Hope Baptist Church and S.O.A.R. (Steering Out Alcohol Response). Look how nice that street looks Many BC Shelter Guests and homeless,  took part in the clean up. Majority of the Homeless guests joined despite what previous thoughts were about people from the shelter and what the police chief said about homeless and the "shelter people" They are a part of the Community and also did a good job cleaning up. hundreds showed up for cleaning Hackensack andmany organizations and volunteers showed up and cleaned up the area. wewill have the article on our site shortly. We want to thank Charlotte from H She put it all together and after the Elks lodge had a very nice lunch for all the volunteers here is just a preview of what happened! This is a pic of The Bergen County's Shelter team leader with the Mgr. of Pep boys thanking her team for cleaning up around pep boys and also some others and their teams also cleaning in the area.

Kim Carter nd the BC Housing Shelter team being greeted by Laura Mgr. of PepBoys 

Kim Carter and her team from the BC Housing  Dept/BC Shelter Being Thanked by Laura the Mgr. of Pep boys.


Many other areas were cleaned up like Van Wettering place,  Broadway  and Costco's. As well as River rd.


Afterwards at the Elks lodge on Linden St. With

All Photos courtesy of HRG

S.O.A.R. Catered to all the volunteers It was a great event.  Look how clean the area looks!

We want to thank a couple of people though for their work yesterday: Charlotte of, Boy scouts troop 5 hackensack, The River´╗┐. The Coordinators:  S.O.A.R. and the Elks lodge for their participation and coordinating the Clean up.