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There is a process to go threw if you were discharged from the BC Shelter: if you have any questions you can call housing;

Housing Authority of Bergen County 

1 Bergen County Plaza, Hackensack, NJ 07601 
(201) 336-7600

we tried to make the steps simple:

simple explanation from the HRG Resource guide on  appeals process:

How to appeal for shelter

Discharged from shelter for behavioral issues

Denied for shelter or were discharged- request meeting with Coordinator for Program Services. By calling 201-336-6475

Not satisfied with the meeting with the Coordinator for Program Services? Then you need to contact the Center Director to schedule an appeal with the Center Director.

Not satisfied with the meeting with the Center Director? Then you need to contact the Housing Authority of Bergen County’s Executive Director and asking for an appeal

Denied shelter admission-or discharged

Call the Program Manager of Next Step- and request a meeting.

Not satisfied with the meeting with the Program Manager? Then you need to contact the Director of the Shelter at 201-336-6475.

Not satisfied with the meeting with the Director of the shelter? Then you need to contact the Coordinator for Program Services and ask for an appeal at 201-336-6475.

Not satisfied with the meeting with the Coordinator for Program Services? Then you need to contact the Center Director by calling 201-336-6475.

Not satisfied with the meeting with the Center Director? Then you need to contact the Housing Authority of Bergen County’s Executive Director 
What is a Freeholder and which freeholder is assigned to what agency they advocate for the residents of Bergen county…

We have a great Board of Chosen Freeholders that really want to help the residence of Bergen County and if you have any concerns their public meetings are usually on Wed. 7:30 pm you can call :them and make an appointment or speak at their open sessions @ One Bergen plaza-201-336-6526
2016 Freeholders’ Committee/Leaison to community- Assignments:
Freeholder Board Representation

BC Housing Liaison -Zur

BC Economic Development Corp. (BCEDC) -Zur

BC Open Space Trust Fund-Tanelli

Board of Social Services -Voss and Zur

Board of School Estimate Bergen Community College Chair: Ganz
DeNicola and Voss
Vocational Schools Chair: Voss
DeNicola and Tanelli
Special Services Chair: Voss
Ganz and Zur

Solid Waste Advisory Council (SWAC) Felice

Bergen Regional Medical Center Zur

Flood Advisory Council Tanelli

Community Action (GBCA) Ganz and- Zur

Workforce Investment Board (WIB-Zur

Municipal Advisory Council- Sullivan and Voss

Environmental Committee -Zur

Asian Advisory Committee -Voss

New Jersey Legislature Voss and DeNicola

African American Advisory Committee Ganz

Planning Board Voss (member), Ganz (alternate)

Utilities Authority Liaison Zur

BCIA Liaison Tanelli

Hispanic Advisory Committee Tanelli

*Note: Chairman is ex-officio member of all committees
2016 Freeholders’ Committee Assignments

Chair: Felice
Ganz and Zur
*Budget/Finance functions as a committee of the whole in which all meetings are publicly noticed and more than a quorum may attend

Community Development Chair: Ganz
DeNicola and Voss

Health Services Chair: Zur
Felice and Ganz

Human Services Chair: Voss
Felice and Zur

Labor and Personnel Chair: Tanelli
Sullivan and Voss

Law & Public Safety- Chair: Zur
Sullivan and Tanelli

Organization and Internal Affairs (Agenda)-Chair: Tanelli
Sullivan and Zur

Parks Chair: Tanelli DeNicola and Sullivan

Planning Chair: Sullivan
Ganz and Zur

Public Works Chair: Ganz
DeNicola and Sullivan

Shared Svcs/Consolidation Chair: Zur
Felice and Sullivan

Transportation hair: Sullivan
Tanelli and Zur

Veteran liaison: Ganz/Tanelli (DeNicola alternate) Cultural  

The Bergen county homeless shelter and dept. of housing and human services besides being a homeless shelter they have a wide variety of services for all of our homeless and low income community.


they are located at 120 south river street in hackensack. If you want to know what services there are out there, that you might qualify for, they have a very knowledgeable staff that can direct you to a program that is right for you and if you don't need their services you can drop in to have a great lunch and dinner.

after breakfast they have what they call next step. it is where you can get a wide variety of resources and programs that might fit your needs.

many organizations are placed there to help with your needs in our community. drop by there sometime!

free meals for the community lunch and dinner

lunch 7 days a week 11:30-12:30

dinner 5-6

next step is 9:30-11 am and 1pm-4pm

next step has a variety of information and things to do:

job tracks- employment services for mentally ill in Bergen county  during next step you can use the phone for free, take showers, get toiletries and clothing. 

 other services during next step organizations like p.a.t.h


social services for ebt applicants and services

h.o.p.e. reentry program,

project literacy,

 the shelter has a computer lab.  for job search open mo-fri-9-12 and sat. 9:45 to 4:45 sunday 10-1

other things to take advantage of :

wed. legal services wed. 11-3pm

aa meetings mo wed fri sat 7pm in the wellness area

a couple of important #'s

NJ hope and healing help line: 1-877-294-help

national homeless vet line:  1-877-424-3838

NOTICE: if you were kicked out or discharged from the BC homeless shelter their is an appeals process  we will have information about that coming soon, in the meantime  you can stop at plaza one next to the court house and go to housing dept. and start the appeals possess

Follow these steps for appeals if any questions call housing at plaza one or call the shelter 

if you have a problem reading this they have a copy at housing and at the shelter.

other information: