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Pastor John of Calvary Church on state street had a week long camp out and fasting and praying for Hackensack and all in the area many Pastors and Reverends from other churches prayed at Calvary on Thursday night letting everyone know that people do care and that the Higher power willhelp the people, all that are suffering and all that do so much for this town and county. " God is good" Pasture John says Reverend Dawn was also one of the ones that was touched and prayed for the healing of Hackensack and area and that if you think your alone in your struggles God is with you and so is the many churches that did not show up, they hadsimilar prayer services at the there locations, also praying for Hackensack! It was a very Spiritual event! people do care!!!!
Calvary Temple Pentecostal church is located next to the 7/11 on state street. Saturday night 5pm Worship