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The river homeless mission has moved to The second reformed church!           

Here is their GoFundMe Page:

Really great local Organizations to donate to are:

Never alone again domestic violence 

nj food and clothing rescue

Transition professionals

They are located at 285 passaic st  Hackensack NJ 201-397-8939

They are only supported by private donations they help many people

Never Alone Again mission is to help individuals eliminate the abuse from their lives, build upon their strengths, and become self-sufficient.

We at HRG do not take any donations! We Help homeless and low income find resources so they can get free services. If you would like to donate we have some Hackensack area Organizations that are great!

River homeless mission is NOW AT THE SECOND REFORMED CHURCH... is good they give out free clothing

Church of Emmanuel gives out free clothing

First Presp. Church Gives out food at their pantries

If you would like any information on any of these or more organizations do not hesitate in contacting us:

or call us  

If we are busy please just leave us a msg. this is a local # until we can get a closer exchange. We will be changing phone systems soon

thank you for your support of our community!

-The HRG Team