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This is a great organization that not only helps the abused in our community but they help anyone in need with various services, homeless, low income and many more! Check out their website and give them a call if you have various needs call them for an appointment. Remember, they don't only deal with abuse victims. They are a great resource.    201-397-8939 email:    

  Angels of Hope Org.

Mission Statement

The Angels of Hope Foundation began in 2003. We are committed to encourage women to get their screenings and be responsible for their own well being. We also offer care and comfort forall women challenged with Cancer. We will be there for them in any way we can. Join us in this very important journey.

Bergen county Homeless shelter

120 s. river st Hackensack nj 07601

homeless, and community resources

various programs and needs of the community, not just homeless. call them or drop by. by the way, they have a great lunch and dinner free for the community. see what they have to offer.

Transition Professionals 201-883-9363

they help with re-entry programs to help ex-felons reenter into society. give them a call

Family Promise is an Org. that helps many homeless and low income with many needs  

IRF is now Family Promise of Bergen County!

Since 1986, The Interreligious Fellowship for the Homeless of Bergen County, now Family Promise of Bergen County, has played a pivotal role in serving thousands of Bergen County's most vulnerable citizens - homeless, hungry, and needy families and individuals.

Mission Statement

• provide hospitality to the homeless 
• keep families together in times of crisis, shepherding them through temporary periods of homelessness by helping them create an achievable vision and develop a strong foundation for self-sufficiency.
Family Promise of Bergen County is a dynamic Network made up of:

• Compassionate Family Case Managers helping families address issues that contributed to their homelessness

• Volunteers providing overnight shelter, meals, companionship and hope to homeless families and their children
• Community members assisting families find affordable housing, jobs that pay a living wage, reliable transportation, dependable daycare and other necessities
Family Promise Host Congregations:
Family Promise of Bergen County is comprised of 21 Host Congregations who offer clean, safe overnight lodging to homeless families three non-consecutive weeks per year on a rotating basis. Each evening, 3 to 4 families (no more than 14 people) are transported to the Host Congregation where volunteers are waiting with a nutritious dinner. After clean-up, additional volunteers help with homework, play with children, interact with families and act as overnight hosts.

During the day, families return to a centrally located Day Center from which employed adults leave for work and children go to school or daycare. Families meet with their Case Manager on a regular basis to formulate and carry out a program to move them to a place of self-sufficiency. Telephones, computers and a private room are available to aid with job and housing searches. Showers and laundry facilities are also available at the Day Center. For a list of Host Congregations click on the attachment below. 


Contact Executive Director, Kate Duggan at 201-833-8009 or email 

Path program at comp care helps homeless people with mental illness find housing and various resources and if you need a dr and mental health issues, compcare can help. 201-646-0333

Helping ex felons with transitional problems /reentry their is Transition Professionals:

H.O.P.E. for ex felons has a re-entry program in Hackensack for recent release of incarceration:

Hope For Ex-Offenders

Hope For Ex-Offenders Inc
259 Passaic Street
Hackensack ,NJ 07601
Phone:(201) 646-1995

CAP has many programs available in our community of Bergen county.  

241 More St. Hackensack NJ 07601

CDCH child development program 201-342-2936

GBHC Tenant outreach and guidance 201-488-6767 or 201-968-0200

housing and all in one info line including financial help 201-968-0200

1'st Bergen Credit Union- 201-968-0202 in the CAP building when you can't get a regular bank account start with them.

Weatherization program call their main line-201-968-0200

***if you had a problem with storm Sandy, and your place you can call 973-685-0005

CHIP community housing program- affordable housing and housing programs-201-489-1345

Bergen one stop career Center-60 state st. hack.-201-329-2900

HELP health education life program.-535 Midland ave Garfield NJ  various health and educational programs for our community- call for information


PHASE- programs for adolesants seeking environment of stability PHASE at Chadwick house

a transition living program for young adults ages 16-21. call Alison at Chadwick house in Hackensack. 201-489-6586.

Ladder Project- licensed halfway house for homeless men for recovery for substance abuse-201-342-8469

ACES project- education and information for youth out of school access to careers and support. 201-968-0200

ETC- education training centers-various education to help people get back in the work force. located at cap's Garfield location 973-685-0005 ext. 1050

Cap's head start program-education for children call for information-201-968-0200 (they might have a location closer to you!)

Care plus

610 Valley Health Plaza, Paramus, NJ 07652

(201) 265-8200

mental health needs
housing help
icms workers (case workers)
For more information about CarePlus, please complete the form below or call our headquarters at 201-265-8200.

NA area meetings:


Paramus - 230 E. Ridgewood Ave. (E007) **
10:00AM Bergen Regional Medical Center
Twice On Sunday O,S,Tp,D
Clickfor directions

Ramsey- NorthCentral & Shuart
8:00PM First Presbyterian Church
Back To Basics O,Bk,D / 3rd wk. O,S,D
Clickfor directions

Teaneck - Church St. & Longfellow Ave.
7:30PM St. Paul's Lutheran Church 
Begin To Live O,B,S,Tp,D
Clickfor directions


Carlstadt - 457 Division Ave. 
8:00PM First Presbyterian Church
The Lie Is Dead O,S,St,D
Clickfor directions

Englewood - 44 Armory Street
6:00PM Bergen Family Center Bldg.
Men's Issues In Recovery C,M,S,Tp,D
Clickfor directions

Hasbrouck Heights - Franklin & Terrace Aves
7:30PM St. John The Devine
Women's Touch C,W,Tp,D / 1st wk. S,D . Women
Clickfor directions  

Dumont- 344 Washington Ave
7:30PM Redeemer Lutheran Church
Stairway to Heaven O,Bk,D & O,St,D
Clickfor directions

Paramus - 242 E. Midland Ave
12Noon -1:00 PM Paramus Bible Church
Slice Of Life JFT
Clickfor directions

Teaneck - 480 Warwick Ave
8:00PM -9:30 PM Christ Episcopal Church
Step By Step O,St alternates O,Tp
Clickfor directions

Upper Saddle River - 318 West Saddle River Rd
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Bergen Highlands United Methodist Church
Meet and Potatoes O,S,St, 5th Week - Living Clean/S 
Click for directions



Hackensack- 206 Central Ave (In Basement)
7:30PM Mount Olive Baptist Church
Nueva Vida O, S, Tp, (Spanish/Bilingual)
Clickfor dire ctions

Dumont - 344 Washington Ave
8:00PM Redeemer Lutheran Church
Clickfor directions

Garfield - 111 Midland Ave. (same location as Friday Night)
8:00PM Zion Lutheran Church
Living Room C,S,Tp
Clickfor directions

Hasbrouck Heights - Franklin & Terrace Ave.
12Noon -1:00 PM St. John the Divine Church
Noon Heights Recovery O,S,St alternates O,Tp,D
Clickfor directions

Park Ridge - Corner of Berthoud St. & Highview Ave
8PM-9PMPark Ridge United Methodist Church
Straight Shooters Beginners, O,JFT,S,D

Englewood- 44 Armory Street
7:00-8:30pmBergen Family Center
Out of the Darkness, Into the Light C, St, BT/Sponsor
Clickfor directions



CliffsidePark- 555 Palisade Ave. (across from High School) (entrance @ rear)
7:30 PM -8:50 PM Trinity Episcopal Church
Relax In Recovery C,S,JFT,D
Clickfor directions

Hackensack - 260 Central Ave. (In Basement)
8:00PM -9:30 PM Mount Olive Baptist Church "
Abstinence and Beyond C,D
Clickfor directions

Paramus - 242 E. Midland Ave
12Noon -1:00 PM Paramus Bible Church
Slice Of Life Step
Clickfor directions

Rutherford- 185 Montross Ave.
7:30 PM -9:00 PM Temple Beth-El
A New Way of Life O, S, L, D
Clickfor directions

Ridgewood - Lincoln & West End Avenue
8:30PM Ridgewood Reformed Church
Ridgewood Recovery O,S,JFT
Clickfor directions

Wyckoff - 700 Wyckoff Ave.
8:00PM -9:00 PM St. Elizabeth's Church
It Works How and Why C,M,D,H&W
Clickfor directions



Teaneck - 480 Warwick Ave - Women
7:30PM -8:30 PM ChristEpiscopal Church
StepSisters C,W,S,D Clickfor directions

Hackensack - 64 Passaic Street
7:00 PM First Presbyterian Church
Good Bad & the FreeO,B,Tp,D
Clickfor directions

Leonia - Woodland Terrace off Broad Ave.
8:00PM Holy Spirit Lutheran Church
Straight Edge O,S,D alternate O,Td,D
Clickfor directions

Paramus - 242 E. Midland Ave
12Noon -1:00 PM Paramus Bible Church
Slice Of Life JFT
Clickfor directions

Woodridge - Main Ave. & 2nd St.
7:00PM Our Lady of Assumption Church
Recovery Room O,S,P,D
Clickfor directions

Westwood - 9 Harrington Ave.
8:00pmGrace Epis. Church
Five Corners O,T
Clickfor directions


Englewood- 361 Englewood Ave.
8:30PM First Baptist Church
Alive & Kicking O,S,St,D
Clickfor directions  

Fairview  - 295 Hudson Place & HamiltonAve. (basement)
8:30PM Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
Free At Last Speaker, Just4Today
Clickfor Directions

Garfield - 111 Midland Ave.
8:00PM -9:00 PM Zion Lutheran Church
No Name Group O,St,D
Clickfor directions

Hasbrouck Heights - Franklin & Terrace Ave.
12Noon -1:00 PM St. John The Divine
Midday With NA O,D,JFT / last wk. O,S,D
Clickfor directions s

Paramus - 230 E. Ridgewood Ave. (E-007)**
12:40PM -1:40 PM Bergen Regional Medical Center
Serenity Now O,D
Clickfor directions

Paramus- 230 E. Ridgewood Ave. (Auditorium)**
9:00PM BergenRegional Medical Center
BeginTo Win O,D,JFT Clickfor directions

Ridgewood - Lincoln & West End Ave.
6:45pm-7:45pm Ridgewood Reform Church
  Click for directions

Ridgewood - corner of Ridgewood & S. Monroe St.
8:30pm Westside Pres. Church (downstairs during summer)
60 Mintues with NA C,Sp,D  Click for directions


Englewood- 129 William Street
11:30AM Shiloh Ame Zion Church
Weekend Liberty O,S,Tp,D alternates Varied 
Click for directions

Englewood - 351 Englewood Ave..
7:00PM First Baptist Church
Saturday Night Live O,S,Tp / 4th wk. Living Clean 
Clickfor directions

Leonia - 235 Harrison & Broad
7:00PM St. John The Evangelist School
Clickfor directions

Teaneck- 480 Warwick Ave
6:30PM ChristEpiscopal Church
Stepin the Right Direction O,S,St or O,S,Tp Clickfor directions

Ridgewood - Lincoln & West End Ave.
10:00PM Ridgewood Reformed Church
Night Owls O,D
Clickfor directions  

Clifton-352 Clifton Ave..
10:00amUnited Reformed Church
Recovery over 40 C, M, Tp, S, D
Clickfor directions  

Westwood- Westwood Ave. and Kinderkamack Road.
9:30pmGrace Episcopal Church
Saturday Night Serenity C, varied, candlelight
Clickfor directions

Hillsdale- 181 Piermont Road
10:00amPascack Bible Church
Wake Up Recovery O, D
Clickfor directions

** All Meetings at BRMC 230 E. Ridgewood ave areSubject to a room change so if you go to one of the meetings and itsnot in the room listed check with the front desk to see if there was aroom change before leaving.

Bergen county homeless shelter and human services building located at 120 river st. is a great 1 stop place to get many resources including free meals!!

The Bergen county homeless shelter and dept. of housing and human services besides being a homeless shelter they have a wide variety of services for all of our homeless and low income community.


they are located at 120 south river street in hackensack. If you want to know what services there are out there, that you might qualify for, they have a very knowledgeable staff that can direct you to a program that is right for you and if you don't need their services you can drop in to have a great lunch and dinner.

after breakfast they have what they call next step. it is where you can get a wide variety of resources and programs that might fit your needs.

many organizations are placed there to help with your needs in our community. drop by there sometime!

free meals for the community lunch and dinner

lunch 7 days a week 11:30-12:30

dinner 5-6

next step is 9:30-11 am and 1pm-4pm

next step has a variety of information and things to do:

job tracks- employment services for mentally ill in Bergen county                                                                                                                  during next step you can use the phone for free, take showers, get toiletries and clothing.    

 other services during next step organizations like p.a.t.h


social services for ebt applicants and services

h.o.p.e. reentry program,

project literacy,

 the shelter has a computer lab.  for job search open mo-fri-9-12 and sat. 9:45 to 4:45 sunday 10-1

other things to take advantage of :

wed. legal services wed. 11-3pm

aa meetings mo wed fri sat 7pm in the wellness area

a couple of important #'s

NJ hope and healing help line: 1-877-294-help

national homeless vet line:  1-877-424-3838

NOTICE: if you were kicked out or discharged from the BC homeless shelter their is an appeals process  we will have information about that coming soon, in the meantime  you can stop at plaza one next to the court house and go to housing dept. and start the appeals possess

Follow these steps for appeals if any questions call housing at plaza one or call the shelter 

if you have a problem reading this they have a copy at housing and at the shelter.

Children's  aid and family services:

Agency Overview


Children's Aid and Family Services preserves, protects and, when needed, provides families. Motivated by compassion for vulnerable children, young adults, frail elderly and their families, we provide high quality and innovative services that meet their social, educationaland emotional needs.


We strive to be the premier New Jersey non-profit that provides practical solutions which allow all those who look to us in times of need to achieve their full potential. By investing in experienced, professional staff, in high-quality, well-managed facilities, and continuous monitoring of performance measures, we remain committed to delivering the gold-standard of care to those we serve.


Since 1899 Children's Aid and Family Services has been recognized as aleader in adoption and specialty therapeutic services for children who have been severely traumatized and abused. We, volunteers and staff, arededicated to working together to develop and enhance the agency's capacity to provide special needs adoption, early childhood education, foster care, counseling, and other social services to those who are disadvantaged, at-risk or in crisis.

We believe that vulnerable and wounded children, as well as all humanbeings, have the capacity to learn, to heal, and to grow. We believe that interdependent relationships that practice and teach mutual respect, responsibility, honesty and permanency play an integral and powerful role in a person's growth and development at all stages of life. Furthermore, we believe that self-sufficiency is intrinsic to human dignity and to society's health and prosperity. These beliefs are the foundation upon which our mission rests and upon which we pledge theresources and talents of a caring and accountable organization.

Ridgewood (2)
West Orange (2)

Fair Lawn
Park Ridge

Midland Park

200 Robin Road
Paramus, NJ 07652
T 201.261.2800
F 201.634.3672

240 Frisch Court
Paramus, NJ 07652
T 201.261.2800
F 201.262.9262

148 Prospect Street
Ridgewood, NJ 07450
T 201.261.2800
F 201.652.4034

76 South Orange Avenue #209
South Orange, NJ 07079
T 201.261.2800
F 973.378.9575

241 Main Street Suite # 600
Hackensack, NJ 07601 
T 201.261.2800
F 201.488.8724

200 Robin Road
Paramus, NJ 07652
T 2201.261.2800
F 201.261.6019

22 Prospect Street
Midland Park, NJ 07432
T 201.444.6120
F 201.444.4666

740 Chestnut Avenue
Teaneck, NJ 07666

Catholic Charities of Bergen and Essex

  •  Catholic Charities of Bergen, Essex, Newark and nearby counties provides services such as food, employment programs, housing, and other support.
  • 57 Pink St, Hackensack, NJ 07601 (201) 261-3048

  • Mount Olive Baptist Church

    Logan Family Life Center
    260 Central Ave, Hackensack, NJ 07601

    (201) 489-6888