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one of our fb friends mentioned that they are being harassed: Homeless are behind Pep Boys, Under Rte 4, behind Bowler City, Abandon Buildings all they want is help n housing. Yes a lot pan handle for addictions which stem from Rape- molestation, abuse n fear, lost of love one n friends, lost of jobs and homes, regret of cheating, kids a whole lot. As of Sunday was still there but they have to go. I was told cops hit A homeless man we will call "Ted" and against their rights photos taken names public etc.I stress to everyone tell the truth and do their part or we can't help those who need. Bikers/ Hells Angels we get a bad rep stereotyped yet we are out their killing ourselves for causes etc. We do a lot carefully. I have a problem with Mary from the Shelter . We later explained that if you have a problem with the Shelter there is a grievance process.About a month ago the cops beat someone up by Rte 80 n Hudson Sts. Everything backwards in our County! Even the jail knows changes need to be made they beat up the homeless etc plant drugs weapons false arrests.

Bergen county Shelter appeals/grievance process: