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We Spoke about The history of his Family from Hackensack and spoke about the future of His Family along with  The River Mission and community family....... 

quote by Pastor Don

The river Mission At the reformed Church 42 Court street Hackensack NJ 07601

What is in the best interest of our community Family? My Mother was the first female  Police officer in Hackensack...

Interview coming soon...

for the historical awards please go to..

Bergen Counties’ 5’th anniversary HRG congradulates all of the team members that help to make it all possible! all kinda of resources

It was a grand occasion, Julia Orlando who has been in charge of the shelter since it opened announced many great things about her team and what the shelter has done in 5 years!


(stock Photo)

Many spoke at the occasion including guests (Former) whom have received housing!

Mary Sunden thanked all her team for working together!

one of the main key points that Julia Orlando mentioned was that in next step over 39,000 people from the community were helped with various Services!

Family Promises has served over 300,00 meals at the Center! Julia received many awards that day! Jodi has been helping many find housing!

One of the former residents “Guests” mentioned that without the shelter this county, and the nation would have major problems !!!

Stay tuned for more updates and the full article as usual look below for al the resources you need ! CONGRATULATIONS JULIA AND HER TEAM


click thee pic above and watch and please pass around!


IMPORTANT NOTICE:- PASS THE WORD- anyone that can not get out or go places and are homeless or low income; church Emanuel of hackensack is now delivering food to you where ever you are in the hackensack area! call the church for details or go to their web site or go to the church directly most of you know the times sunday; 10:30 am wed. 7pm and thrs 7:30 pm-(LIMITED DETAILS FOR NOW)-34 Van Wettering Place Hackensack, NJ 07601-Phone: 201-487-8220 Fax: 201-384-8163
E-mail: as we get more info we will pass it along but call them any time anywhere in the hackensack area!

It was really nice meeting Senator Cory Booker at Rutherford Day ; and may others- myfavoritebookerpic

Mr. Dresseler was a surrogate judge and was giving me great resources for thoughts that do not have identification, i know for my self that after 9/11 it was hard to get identification cards but it is easy in cirtain ways! listed on my web site is a basic outlindon how to obtain id's for particular situatiohns --


Labor day BBQ Second reformed church- click below for details

coming up is the labor day-

We gave it our all We did the als ice bucket challenge at Church on he green-

today was the 6'th Graduating class of 2014 "Teach4life" Vocational Training Program! At the BERGEN COUNTY
Housing, Health and Human Services Center! 120 river rd. Hackensack NJ 07601. among the graduates; Michael Chimko, Joan Murph y, Robert Razzetti, Kelly Simpson and Stephanie VanRiper! First of all, Mrs. Wilson started teach4lifecareers- the teach for life training program integrates customer service employment skills training, workforce preparedness, career portfolios, life skills, study skills, wellness / nutrition, computer skills and much more! helping people get into/back into the workforce! Mrs. Wilson is a great inspiration as well as the students that graduated today! One person that Graduated said that the in depth course was inspirational and motivational and well worth the time and effort and said he felt better about him self! at the end of the ceremony Kelley Simpson Read a very heartfelt "Motivational Poem" She read with tears in her eyes; of joy-everyone Felt the joy of all the participants that had accomplished this Program. Mrs. Wilson is an amazing person; devoting her time to helping others not only with jobs but building self respect and dignity!

You Can Be Whatever You Want To Be! by: Donna Levine -

There is inside you
All of the potential
To be whatever you want to be;
All of the energy
To do whatever you want to do.
Imagine yourself as you would like to be,
Doing what you want to do,
And each day, take one step
Towards your dream.
And though at times it may seem too
difficult to continue,
Hold on to your dream.
One morning you will awake to find
That you are the person you dreamed of,
Doing what you wanted to do,
Simply because you had the courage
To believe in your potential
And to hold on to your dream.

Bergen County Executive Kathleen A. Donovan presented the Commendations. Julia Orlando Moderated the event, many guests attended!

GREAT CONCERT IN THE PARK SERIES! THE                                 "fillet OF SOULS "PERFORMED and it was an outstanding performance. they did  great songs and the crowd was really into it!   

Well today I had the pleasure of meeting and introducing Pastor Don to the Fourth Watch MC Mother-Chapter Motor cycle group. they are the brave men and women that do a lot of charity functions and rally's. the are made up of Service men and women, as well as Police, Fire & Ems workers We salute all of you for your service and it was a pleasure to meet some of you. i would invite all of you to like their face book page: and you can also follow them on twitter: Fourth Watch MC check out their web site for information.!!! And we will Keep up with them and do a follow up story on their events, THE BEST THING IS they are right in Hackensack!!! They do a lot of volunteer work and the day that Pastor Don was introduced to them by me, they were off to the Funeral of the JCY Police officer slain in the line of duty. Great bunch of Guys and Gals! Again THANK you for your service!!



IT WAS REALLY wonderful meeting with one of the chasing nj team and we first met at the homeless awareness camp out in Trenton

so they did a story on rise of homelessness in nj and we would like to share the link:

Hackensack Summer Music Series and July 4th Court House Green, Main Street, Hackensack 7:30 – 9:30pm July 15th The Duprees– Golden Oldies Group July 29th The Infernos – Kenney Simmons formerly of the Commodores July 29th David Cedeno Band – Latin Band with Latin Salsa Beat August 5th Fillet of Soul – 70s Rhythm and Blues Motown Band Celebration.            

Just some of the things that are happening inHackensack and for x-offenders of course thrs. At the shelter 4-5pm “Unlocked Series” advocate for help with getting jobs, training, housing, concerns and anything you want help with Transition professionals is there at the shelter I reiterate 4-5pm Thursday’s. it’s a great resource!

It was a grand 4'th of July in Hackensack nj:  We have some highlights!-

WE NEED YOUR HELP: We were approved for having a monthly meeting to bring concerns to all the agencies that are supposed to help us We are calling it "HOPE" HOPE FOR OUR COMMUNITY and well il'l show you our preliminary mission statement. w e are looking for a place and they though (the ones at the mental health board) they thought it might be good at plaza one another said at the dept of alcohol and drug dependance office-Bergen county health services, we do know that we will have beverages and snacks and we want to have people come, anyone and ask and voice their opinions and we then can address them and bring them to the proper agency and also to the next mental health board. anything goes! well here is what it looks like so far: so PLEASE give us your feed back your ideas your comments or concerns! I KNOW IT'S HARD TO READ SO THIS IS WHAT IT SAYS: i know it's hard to read here but this is what it says:

COMMUNITY ADVOCACY FOR HOMELESS, MENTAL HEALTH, ADDICTION, LOW INCOME AND SUPPORT for anyone with needs and concerns in our community!!!
Once a month we will have an open discussion group to advocate to people that have mental illnesses and or addictions and homeless as well. We want to hear our communities concerns and have a group where anyone is welcome to ask any questions they have about anything. Having a mental illness and or addiction and being homeless even can take a toll but can be dealt with. Our system, our agencies that deal with our community on a day to day basis like Comp care, care plus, Bergen regional, Bergen County Health and human services at the shelter, the police and others all are involved in helping! And we want to have our community raise awareness to these agency’s what is really on, in the minds, about their situations and their concerns of our neighbors. These groups will help change and make these agencies aware of what is really going on in the community. If we don’t tell them who will?
On the support side of our meetings we want people to talk about their problems and get them out in the open and we will have resources for them. We will learn from each other as it progresses and can live better, healthier, and happier lives!

HOPE for our Community!
Call us or email us at any time for events, Comments, Concerns or Questions 206-350-6010

Well transitional professionals of hackensack, the re-entry program that helps offenders get back on the right track with housing and finding jobs and job training's first meeting at the shelter in the wellness area was A SUCCESS!! MANY SHOWED UP AND WE WERE THERE as well as some others. we discussed many things to help our community. they are a great resource them and us work together to help find all kinds of free resources n the area and some were helped on the spot it was great!!! anyone can attend every thrs. 4-5 at the shelter!

for more information on this summer series contact them directly or just show up to the shelter at 120 south river street on Thurs. 4-5 pm then you can enjoy the shelters free community dinner if you like!!!

Bergen County Prevention Coalition Hosts a Town Hall Meeting On Underage Drinking and alcohol abuse and prevention . For your information the Bergen County Prevention Coalition is located at: 241 Main Street / Suite #600 Hackensack, NJ 07601 the Q & A seminar at the Bergen County Academy it was on underage drinking and drug abuse, there were many resources, on the panel were: Martin Delaney-Bergen County Assistant Prosecutor, Karyl Rei...d-HUMC Pediatric Emergency room, Dean Pinto-Attorney, Sue Debiak-Coordinator for drug & alcohol dependency & Gale Mangold-Student assistant Counselor of Pascack Hills HS.
They talked about awareness and prevention of drug and alcohol abuse and prevention and answered questions of all kinds; from what do you do if you have a young person under the influence of illegal substances and what to do, what kinds of treatments are out there for various cases and a prominent topic that was brought up was the epidemic of heroin in our state and what to do about it. We will have the article published soon and the great resources that we got from the event- a special thanks to The Bergen County Prevention Coalition! anyone interested in this cause can get in touch with them:

This weekend we had the pleasure of going to a BBq run by Children 4 Change It was a great time. We met them in the park Anderson that is and Tina was handing out flyers to us and Pasture Don They are a great organization they help feed the needy every 4'th Sunday of the month at Carver Park at 3 pm they hand out a nice meal. they also need some help BTW if you want to donate to them please do: The police commissioner Dropped by to see the good work they do as well.

so please help them out you can also email them at: See More — with Tina King.

I want to reiterate:

Children 4 Change had their monthly Barbeque at Carver Park 2 Clay Street in Hackensack Tina, Micheala, Sidney & Kevin Serving a nice meal to homeless and low income in our area.

They will be having a Barbeque every 4'th Sunday of the Month. In July they will announce their new location for  Their meals.  You can check out their web site  You can also Email them at:  If you want to donate funds to them email them or  call Tina at 201-759-6209 

Children 4 Change is a non-profit organization that   Empowers youth to volunteer in thecommunity and Shows youth how become a positive part of the  Community and be committed. 

Hackensack Police Commissioner David Sims Dropped by To see the good work they are doing.  





 Saturday Morning; "Slam Dunk the Junk":  ManyOrganizations were their including included Friends of Borgs Woods, NewMercy Community Church, St. Anthonyof Padua Church, Boy Scout Troop andPack #5, Church on the green "River Mission  HHS Goin Green Club, HRG Homeless & low income Resource Guide Org. FDU Green Tea m,New Hope Baptist Church and S.O.A.R. (Steering Out Alcohol Response). Look how nice that street looks Many BC Shelter Guests and homeless,  took part in the clean up. Majority of the Homeless guests joined despite what previous thoughts were about people from the shelter and what the police chief said about homeless and the "shelter people" They are a part of the Community and also did a good job cleaning up. hundredsshowed up for cleaning Hackensack andmany organizations and volunteers showed up and cleaned up the area. wewill have the article on our site shortly. We want to thank Charlotte from H She put it all together and after the Elks lodge had a very nice lunch for all the volunteers here is just a preview of what happened! This is a pic ofThe Bergen County's Shelter team leader with the Mgr. of Pep boys thanking her team for cleaning up around pep boys and also some others and their teams also cleaning in the area.


Kim Carter and her team from the BC Housing  Dept/BC Shelter Being Thanked by Laura the Mgr. of Pep boys.


Many other areas were cleaned up like Van Wettering place,  Broadway  and Costco's. As well as River rd.


Afterwards at the Elks lodge on Linden St. With

All Photos courtesy of HRG

S.O.A.R. Catered to all the volunteers It was a great event.  Look how clean the area looks!

Wewant to thank a couple of people though for their work yesterday: Charlotte of, Boy scouts troop 5 hackensack, The River. The Coordinators:  S.O.A.R. and the Elks lodge for their participation and coordinating the Clean up.

On April 17 At the OnOur Own Self Help Center At their monthly Community meeting, Julia OrlandoDirector of Housing and Human services of Bergen County and Mary SundenDirector of the Bergen County Homeless shelter, made a presentation on thefacts and the truth about the Bergen County Homeless shelter in a Q & Asession.


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Photos courtesy ofHRG Homeless and low income resource guide



                Theyspoke about what is happening at the shelter and the services provided. Alsothey answered questions about rumors and grievances that people had about therunning of the shelter.   When someone isdischarged from the shelter, they explained basically people don’t abide by therules. They explained about the grievance and appeals process.

                Some ofthe topics that were asked about were regarding complaints about neighborsdealing with talk about shelter people messing up resident’s lawns, doing drugsin the area and other things like panhandling at local stores. The truth of thematter is that not all the problems in the area have to do with the shelterpeople. Julia mentioned that the new administration is in the county and thatthey need to know what is going on, that not all the problems are with shelterpeople. She explained to them what’s going on. It was mentioned that one daythey would actually have a   cleanup   where people of the community and the shelterwill clean up sections of Hackensack which is a great idea. This is called: “Slamdunk the junk”   Saturday   April 26   Rain or shine-Hackensack Cleanup day Sponsoredby NJ-Dep. The registration forms will be   in “next Step” at the Bergen county shelter!

                Dealingwith the police and the local government is a challenge in certain areas but isworking with them and doing things like making the curfew for guests at theshelter   earlier accept for thoughts thatwork As Well as issuing I.D. Cards at the shelter. One person replied, that isa good idea because there is no good reason to be out late if you’re not beingproductive. Another person stated that they thought it was bad being “cooped”up. Julia and Mary replied; “it’s also a good incentive to get what you need fromthe shelter, utilize the services and get housed, then you can stay out and dowhat you want”.

                Most ofthe discussion was positive. There were a couple of people that did not agreewith certain things but that is to be expected.   You can’t please everyone. They talked aboutbasic policy and changes made over the years since the existence of the newshelter. It’s an ongoing process.

                Thereare many opportunities at the shelter and services for homeless and low incomein our area. They have to have solid rules which evolve as time goes on and thesituations of people evolve and as Julia said it’s “organizes chaos”. They werevery honest and basically saying that the staff is dealing with what they haveand the guest they are helping. Their honesty was commendable.   They spoke about getting many people housingand other services like General Assistance(GA), temporary rental assistance(TRA)  and permanent housing. When you’redealing with many people from all different walks of life, including thoughtswith serious problems there will be challenges.

                All inall it was very productive meeting and not really much drama. There are so manythings that people can get out of the shelter. And the ones that are not in theshelter they try to help them find suitable places. They work with everyonethat they can. There is still much work to do. Bottom line is it is not ahangout it is a place to get your life back on track and they are working withthe community and homeless and low income to get their goals met. Simply, “dowhat you got to do”! And if you have a problem with them, do the appealsprocess and get back on track and move on. Remember, some people want to getbetter, some don’t realize they have problems and some are not yet motivated   but most do the right thing and have a betterlife.


For more information on the shelter call them at:201-336-6475    or drop in; they arelocated at 120 so. River Street Hackensack NJ 07601

If you want to know what they have or need more resourcesyou can email us at   

Bergen County monthly "mental health" board meeting


Last night was the monthly "Bergen County Mental Health Board Meeting": at plaza one FYI this month is drug and alcohol awareness month and if you know anyone with a problem help them out guide them to ameeting or one of the many places in Bergen county for treatment!

At the meeting were various Organization Representatives like Compcare Carepluss, Bergen Regional, Friendship house and more. At first They spoke about the usual funding issues, then the yspoke on house they want to expand certain things in the county like project "stigma free zones" like in Paramus. What that is is about our leaders being aware of mental illness and also the police being aware and showing compassion for these people and getting them help. also theyspoke about new programs for mental illness as well as homeless and mental illness. It was very informative, also they are trying to work with Social Services at Rochell pk. with their problem of being overwhelmed with people signing up for medicaid. Just to let you know, May is Mental health awareness month! If you think you have a mental illness or know someone, there are many organizations that can help.

Pastor John of Calvary Church on state street had a week long camp out and fasting and praying for Hackensack and all in the area many Pastors and Reverends from other churches prayed at Calvary on Thursday night letting everyone know that people do care and that the Higher power will help the people, all that are suffering and all that do so much for this town and county. "God is good" Pasture John says Reverend Dawn was also one of the ones that was touched and prayed for the healing of Hackensack and area and that if you think your alone in your struggles God is with you and so is the many churches that did not show up, they had similar prayer services at the there locations, also praying for Hackensack! It was a very Spiritual event! people do care!!!!
Calvary Temple Pentecostal church is located next to the 7/11 on state street. Saturday night 5pm Worship

If you’re looking for a place to go for Easter:
Church Emmanuel will have a feast and mass on Easter at 10:00AM
Bergen County Shelter 120 So. River Street will have a Easter meal

Never Alone again at 25 Banta place in Hackensack will be having a nice Easter meal call in advance for details: 201-397-8939

We recently took a trip to Trenton to support Covenant house; At the state house senators, assembly men and other officials had a camp out in front of the capitol to raise homeless youth awareness and we were privileged to take part. we commend the different parties, putting their politics aside and have the "camp out" for a good cause. Covenant house celebrating 25 years of helping troubled, homeless youth.

This first pic of the slide show is a historic site in Trenton a part of the old state house

We put together a short slide show of the what happened

Pasture Don and his group from the “River Mission” spreadingthe word at Anderson Park On Sunday mornings. Bringing joy to passersby. From the Church on the Green where they arebased out of, help homeless and others in our community with a Wednesday night Biblestudy and Sunday night mass and dinner for homeless in our area. He has beendoing this for a while and brings joy to Anderson Park in Hackensack. Many knowthat this park has been known for drug deals and illegal activities. A whileago Prosecutors office sources told us that crime in that park has gone down asmall percentage but still exists. Bringing positive energy to the park is aninspiration.

Picture and story courtesy of HRG homeless ResourceGuide

Christian was on the wrong path & now he is in the shelter going to programs and getting ready to start a new life

Christian was on a path to self destruction, when we met him he was in the shelter and almost ready to complete his rehabilitation.

   When we  spoke to him he was coming out of church. He told us that he was proud to be clean and sober and dealing with his demons. We asked him what he is going to do, some goals and such. He told us that he is proud that he will shortly be getting an award for completing a substance abuse program and that he wants to get housing and wants to stay on the right path. it was a long hard road but he is on the right track


photo & story courtesy of HRG Homeless Resources                                                                                                                                 Check out what is up to date and join us on FB:

Church on the Green - "River mission" has a great wed. and Sunday night! Wed. snacks and worship on Sunday night they have some worship and a really good meal

In the spirit of Valentines day coming up we came up with this cute spoof I hope you get a laugh from our music video! Let us know how corny it is! :o)

Lets work together and raise food stamps with a petition were at a good start

click on the link above ^ just fill out some basic information and we can get enough signatures and maybe we can get the government to listen. Thank you

-HRG Team

the homeless count went great We had many goto the shelter- pic. curtecy of bergen record's-Carmine
Center for food action can help with food and some other basic supplies

If you have not set up with CFA in your town it's a good idea! They can help!

Here is a link to their website:

Set up an appointment today!

You be the judge!
This is What they call Revitalization! homeless call it HARASSMENT!

This you tube video is not what it sounds like, According to homeless in Hackensack!

Some other organizations that Help Homeless
It is anything but easy! Let us guide you!

Here Are some links to some organizations that can help in various needs: