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        we came crossed this homeless woman who obviously had a mental illness she was desperately looking for a place, she got kicked out of the shelter. we tried and tried to tell where she should go and what she should do. she kept saying I cant do this I cant do that and I cant go there and I cant go here. Because "I do not have a mental illness"! PLEASE LET US PRAY THAT SHE ACCEPTS AND RECOGNISES THAT SHE HAS A MENTAL ILLNESS AND she can GET HELP!!!!!

IT FRUSTRATES ME THAT some of these people wont get help. it takes strong soul searching to admit that you have an illness and that similar of a drug or alcohol addiction.! please lets peay for her and all others suffering from the same stigma!

                 This is a common problem with many homeless people not just in this area one person from a local organization that deals with homeless and mental illness. It's a shame that people live like this. There are many reasons why people are  homeless, majority of them around here have a mental illness or were incarcerated and some agencies like advanced housing will not take some homeless with some felony convictions and it doesn't have to be drugs and such. They get to pic and choose. Some people deserve a second chance. says a mental health worker I spoke too.