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WE NEED YOUR HELP: We were approved for having a monthly meeting to bring concerns to all the agencies that are supposed to help us We are calling it "HOPE" HOPE FOR OUR COMMUNITY and well il'l show you our preliminary mission statement. w   e are looking for a place and they though (the ones at the mental health board) they thought it might be good at plaza one another said at the dept of alcohol and drug dependance office-Bergen county health services, we do know that we will have beverages and snacks and we want to have people come, anyone and ask and voice their opinions and we then can address them and bring them to the proper agency and also to the next mental health board. anything goes! well here is what it looks like so far: so PLEASE give us your feed back your ideas your comments or concerns! I KNOW IT'S HARD TO READ SO THIS IS WHAT IT SAYS: i know it's hard to read here but this is what it says:  

COMMUNITY ADVOCACY FOR HOMELESS, MENTAL HEALTH, ADDICTION, LOW INCOME AND SUPPORT for anyone with needs and concerns in our community!!!
Once a month we will have an open discussion group to advocate to people that have mental illnesses and or addictions and homeless as well. We want to hear our communities concerns and have a group where anyone is welcome to ask any questions they have about anything. Having a mental illness and or addiction and being homeless even can take a toll but can be dealt with. Our system, our agencies that deal with our community on a day to day basis like Comp care, care plus, Bergen regional, Bergen County Health and human services at the shelter, the police and others all are involved in helping! And we want to have our community raise awareness to these agency’s what is really on, in the minds, about their situations and their concerns of our neighbors. These groups will help change and make these agencies aware of what is really going on in the community. If we don’t tell them who will?  
On the support side of our meetings we want people to talk about their problems and get them out in the open and we will have resources for them. We will learn from each other as it progresses and can live better, healthier, and happier lives!  

HOPE for our Community!  
Call us or email us at any time for events, Comments, Concerns or Questions 206-350-6010