Community, homeless & "Anyone in need" Resource Guide & News

Working together to live better!
please note these are not only for senior citizens, so anyone can call many of these organizations. so even though many say Seniors, You can try many of these organizations!  thank you:

C A P is a good place to start if they have funds avalable
for now Hackensack GA office is run by Social Services-Unconfermed
They have many resources and can direct you.
Usually if you have a mental illness they can help you but call them anyway
They are located at plaza 1 Hackensack

also if you call 211 ask for united way "Compassion fund"

also you can stop in and speak to: 

Bergen County Housing Coalition
(201) 488-6767

 bcap moore street

salvation army 201-342-6530

cfa- ridgfeild location does all bergen homels prvention assast.

If you are on ssi or general assistance you can call Rochelle pk board of social services for their homeless prevention division.

if you are a senior and others and you are being withheld things like pay, pention, andthere payments lega services is available in hackensack

Senior center 101 hudson st Hackensack

legal services:  for sen 201-487-2166  senior serv 201 336 7400

and for others you know legal services on Moore st. hackensack:     www.need help bergen _ county _rental_assistanc.html 


We wish you luck! One of these agencies should be able to help! 


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