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tips on getting a job:

Planning Your Time
Determining Your Job Skills
Where to Get Job Information
Cover Letters and Letters of Application
Preparing Your Resume
After The Interview
Resources on the Internet
Somewhere, an employer has the job you w
ant. How do you get that job? By marketing
your job talents. By showing employers y
ou have the skills they need. Do you have job
talents? YES! Homemakers, disabled individual
s, veterans, students just out of school,
people already working--all have skills and experience for many good jobs. What you
need to know is how to market your talents e
ffectively to find the right job. This report
will help you to:
Evaluate your interests and skills.
Find job information.
Write résumés and application letters.
Prepare for job interviews.
Plan your time.
Take tests.
Planning Your Time
NOW is the best time to start looking for a
job. You're as qualified as other applicants,
so start now before someone else gets "your"
job. You've already made a good start by
reading this report!
What's the most important thing
to know about your job search?
To find a job, you must:
To find a job, you must:
Have responsibilities (work duties and
Set your own responsibilities (things you must
do everyday to get a job)
"Punch a clock" or be at work "on time" W
ake up early at a set time to start looking for
Work hard all day, 40 hours week Look hard for a job, all day, 40 hours a week
Report to a boss, who makes sure you carry-
out your responsibilities
Be your own boss (or appoint a friend to be
your "boss") to make sure you carry-out your
job search responsibilities
Tips for Planning an Effective Job Search:
Make a "To Do List" every day. Outline da
ily activities to look for a job.
•Apply for jobs early in the day. This will make a good impression and give you time to
complete applications, have interviews, take tests, etc.
•Call employers to find out the best times to
apply. Some companies take applications
only on certain days and times during the week.
•Write down all employers you contact, the
date of your contacts, people you talk to,
and special notes about your contacts.
•Apply at several companies in the same
area when possible. This saves time and
•Be prepared. Have a "master applicati
on" and resumes, pens, maps and job
information with you all the time. Who knows when a "hot lead" will come your way.
•Follow up leads immediately. If you find out about
a job late in the day, call right then!
Don't wait until the next day.
•Network. Tell everyone you know that you are
looking for job. Stay in touch with friends
and contacts. •Follow up new leads immediately.
•Read articles and books on how to get a job (s
ee the list of books at the back of this
brochure). The time you spend reading these materials will save you a lot of time in your
job search.
•Make automated connections through systems on
the Internet, such as America's Job
Bank and the Talent Bank
Determining Your Job Skills
Another tip for finding the right job:
Make a list of your background and experience.
If you think you don't have any experience -- THINK AGAIN! You may not have specific
job experience, but you do have work experi
ence. You have "worked" as a homemaker,
a student, a volunteer, in a hobby or some other personal activity. The skills you use for
these "jobs" can be applied to other jobs.
A background and experience list may help you to
fill out job applications
•provide information for job interviews
•prepare resumes (if you're applying fo
r professional or office jobs).
Tips for Making a Background and Experience List:
Interests and Aptitudes
List your hobbies, clubs you belong to, sports you're involved in, church and
school activities, and things that interest
you. List things you are good at or have
special ability for.
Your list may look like it has nothing to do wit
h job skills or experience. That's O.K. -- the
purpose of this list is to make you think about your interests and things you do in
everyday life.
•Look at the first item on your list. Think
about the skills or talents it takes to do
that item. Really think about it! All hobbies
, activities, etc. take a lot of skills,
knowledge and abilities. Write them all down.
Playing Basketball
Ability to interact with other
s ("be a team player")
•Ability to use basic arithmetic (keep track of score)
•Ability to reach, lift, jump, stoop, and run
•Skills in directing others (calling plays, coaching)
-- Ability to manage budgets
Ability to handle multiple tasks
•Knowledge of human development
•Skills in teaching/training others
•Cooking, cleaning, laundry
Fixing Cars
Ability to diagnose mechanical problems
•Skill in using a variety of tools

and the Occupational Outlook Handbook (you can also get these books at most
public libraries). These easy to read
books, published by the Department of
Labor, describe:
•work duties for many different occupations
•skills and abilities needed for different types of jobs
•how to enter occupations
•where jobs are located
•training and qualifications needed
•earnings, working conditions, and future opportunities.
Match the skills and abilities in your list to t
he skills and abilities of different jobs. Don't
limit yourself. The important thing is not the j
ob title, but the skills and abilities of the job.
You may find that your skills and abilities ma
tch with an occupation that you have never
thought about.
Where To Get Job Information
If you know what job skills you have, you are ready to look for a job. You can look for
job openings at these sources:
. Tell everyone you know you're looking for a job. Ask about
openings where your friends work.
Private employers
. Contact employers directly to market your job talents. Talk to
the person who would supervise you even
if there are no jobs currently open.
State Employment Service Offices
provide help on finding jobs and other
services, such as career counseling. See the back of this brochure for the
Employment Service Office in your state.
America's Job Bank
. A nation-wide pool of job opportunities which will extend
your search to other states and can be vi
ewed in your local Employment Service
offices or directly through the Internet.
Federal, state and local government
personnel offices list a wide range of job
opportunities. Check the Government listings in your phone book.
Local public libraries
have books on occupations and often post local job
announcements. Many state libraries are al
so providing free access to Internet
through PCs.
Newspaper ads
list various job openings.
Local phone book
. Look for career counseling centers in your area (some may
require fees).
Private employment and temporary agencies
offer placement (employer or job
hunter may pay a fee).
Community colleges and trade schools
usually offer counseling and job
information to students and the general public.
Proprietary schools
. Private training centers offer
instruction in specific trades
(tuition is usually required). Check with y
our office of state education for credible
Community organizations
such as clubs, associations, women and minority

centers, and youth organizations.
frequently operate employment services
or provide job search help.
Veterans' placement centers
operate through state employment offices.
Veterans' social and help organizations often have job listings for members.
Union and apprenticeship programs
provide job opportunities and information.
Contact your state apprenticeship council
or relevant labor union directly.
Government sponsored training programs
offer direct placement or short-term
training and placement for applicants w
ho qualify. Check the yellow pages under
Job Training Programs or Government Services.
Journals and newsletters for professionals or trade associations
often advertise
job openings in their field. Ask for these at the local library.
Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, all of t
he sources listed above serve persons of any
race, color, religion, sex or national origin.
The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of
1967 forbids agencies to discriminate against older
workers. Both laws forbid employers
to discriminate in hiring.
Most Commonly Used Job-search Methods
Effectiveness Rate*
66.0 Applied directly to employer 47.7
50.8 Asked friends about jobs where they work . 22.1
41.8 Asked friends about jobs elsewhere . 11.9
28.4 Asked relatives about j
obs where they work 19.3
27.3 Asked relatives about
jobs elsewhere 07.4
45.9 Answered local newspaper ads 23.9
21.0 Private employment agency 24.2
12.5 School placemen
t office 21.4
15.3 Civil Service test 12.5
10.4 Asked teacher or professor 12.1
01.6 Placed ad in local newspaper 12.9
06.0 Union hiring hall 22.2
* A percentage obtained by dividing the number of jobseekers who actually found work using the
method, by the total number of jobseekers who tried to use that method, whether successfully or
Cover Letters & Letters of Application
Letter of Application

A letter of application is used when inquiri
ng about a job or submitting an application
Cover Letter
If you're applying for a job that requires a
resume, you should write a cover letter to
accompany your resume.
The purpose of these letters is to:
•tell how your job talent
s will benefit the company
•show why the employer should read your resume or application form
•ask for a job interview.
Tips for writing cover letters include
Write a separate letter for each job application.
•Type letters on quality 8.5" x 11" paper.
•Use proper sentence structure and co
rrect spelling and punctuation.
•Convey personal warmth and enthusiasm.
•Keep your letter short and to the point.
Sample Letter of Application
John Kile Ace
Auto Service
1369 Oak Street
Megapolis, IN 01234
Dear Mr. Kile:
I've been checking into auto repair shops in the area to find a garage that has a good
reputation and offers an entry mechani
c training program. Several sources
recommended Ace Auto Service as a reliable garage that uses the latest diagnostic
equipment. I've worked on cars with my uncle, who is a member of the "Tin Lizzies"
auto club. I'm doing tune-ups through word
of mouth referrals and I recently helped
overhaul a Nissan 3002X. I've worked with computers in school, so I feel I could learn
how to operate computerized diagnostic equipm
ent with minimal training. With my
background and interest in car repair, I think
I could contribute to the continued success
of Ace Auto Service.
I will call you on Monday, December 13 to talk to you about possible job opportunities.
Joe Clark
6913 Willow Street
Megapolis, IN 01234
(555) 345-678

sample job apps and serch":
Sample Job Application
The following sample job application will give
you an idea of what to expect with you
apply for a job. You may be asked to fill out
an application on the day of the interview,
so make sure you are prepared to provide any necessary information about yourself
and your employment history.
Retail Systems Corporation – Application for Employment
Personal Information
First Name: ____________________________
Middle Name: ___________________________
Last Name: _____________________________
Social Security Number: ___________________
Street Address: __________________________________
City: ___________ State: _____ Zi
p: _______ County: __________________
Home Phone: _________________
Business Phone: _______________
Have you ever applied employment with us?
Yes: ______ No: ______ If yes, when?: ____________________
Position Desired
Title: ______________________________
Desired Salary: $__________
If you prefer to work in a different zip code
than where you currently live, please indicate
where you would like to be located below:
City: ___________ State: _____ Zip: _______
Work Eligibility
Are you eligible to work in the United States? Yes: _______ No: _______
Are you available to work holidays? Yes: _______ No: _______
When will you be available to begin work? _____ / _____ (Month/Year)
Are you 17 or older? Yes: _______ No: _______
Have you been convicted of, pleaded guilty to, or pleaded no contest to, an act of
dishonesty, or breach of trust or moral tu
rpitude, such as misdemeanor petty theft,
burglary, fraud, writing bad che
cks, and other related crimes
within the last 5 years?
Yes:*_______ No: _______
If yes, please explain: ____________________________________________
* Conviction of a crime or pleading guilty
to a criminal charge will not necessarily
disqualify you from the job for which
you are applying. Each conviction will be
considered with respect to time, job re
latedness, and other relevant factors.
Do you have other special training or sk
ills (additional spoken or written languages,
computer software knowledge, mach
ine operation experience, etc.)?
How did you hear about our organization?
Days Available
Sun. _____ Mon. _____ Tues. _____ Wed. _____ Th. _____ Fri. _____ Sat. _____
Total Hours Available: _______ Hours Available: from _____ to _____.
High School: ___________________________ City: ____________ State: _______
Did You Graduate? Yes: _____ No: _____
College: ______________________________ City: ____________ State: _______
Course of Study: ________________________ # of Years Completed: __________
Did You Graduate? Yes: _____ No: _____ Degree: __________________________
Employment History
Please give accurate and complete full-time
employment record. Start with your
present of most recent employer.
Include military experience if applicable.
Position #1
Company Name: _________________________ City: ____________ State: _______
Company Phone Number: __________________
Job Title: _______________________________
Name of Supervisor: ______________________
Employed (Month and Year) From: _______ To: _______
Weekly Pay: _____________
Describe your work: ________________________________________________
May we contact this employer? Yes: _____ No: _____
If not, why not? ___________________________________________________
Reason for Leaving: _______________________________________________
Position #2
Company Name: _________________________ City: ____________ State: _______
Company Phone Number: __________________
Job Title: _______________________________
Name of Supervisor: ______________________
Employed (Month and Year) From: _______ To: _______
Weekly Pay: _____________
Describe your work: ________________________________________________
May we contact this employer? Yes: _____ No: _____
If not, why not? ___________________________________________________
Reason for Leaving: _______________________________________________
Position #3
Company Name: _________________________ City: ____________ State: _______
Company Phone Number: __________________
Job Title: _______________________________
Name of Supervisor: ______________________
Employed (Month and Year) From: _______ To: _______
Weekly Pay: _____________
Describe your work: ________________________________________________
May we contact this employer? Yes: _____ No: _____
If not, why not? ___________________________________________________
Reason for Leaving: _______________________________________________
Conditions of Employment
Retail Systems Corporation sets high standar
ds for its employees. Compliance with
standards is a condition of employment. If
you are offered a position with RSC, you
must carefully consider what we would require of you before you accept. As an
employee, you must do everything you can to
make our external and internal customers
feel like customers, including:
Following our standards of professionalism
Smiling and making eye contact
Arriving on time
Maintaining a positive, enthusiastic attitud

Treating coworkers with respect
Offering exit appreciation to clients
Being honest and dedicated to your work
Using proper phone etiquette
Completing necessary training requirements
Expediting customer transactions/r
equests quickly and professionally
Following company policies and procedures
Assisting customers
Meeting standards of
work quantity and quality
Maintaining a professional appearance and
comply with the company dress code
Accepting a work schedule that may require holiday work
Are you willing and able to comply with thes
e requirements? Yes: _____ No: _____
If your answer is no, or if you have concerns about being able to comply with any of
these requirements, please explain:
Agreement of the Transfer of Information
I declare the information I have provided in this application are true, correct, and
complete to the best of my knowledge. I under
stand that if employed,
any falsification,
misstatement, or omission of fact in connec
tion with my application, whether on this
document or not, may result in immediate te
rmination of employment. I authorize you to
verify any and all information provided above.
I acknowledge that employment may be conditional upon successful completion of a
substance abuse screening test as part of
the Company’s pre-employment policy.
I acknowledge that if I become employed, I
will be free to terminate my employment at
any time for any reason, and that RSC retain
s the same right. No RSC representative
has the authority to make any contrary agreement.
I understand it is unlawful to require or admin
ister a lie detector test as a condition of
employment or continued employment. An em
ployer who violates this law shall be
subject to criminal and/or civil liabilities.
Signature: _______________________________________ Date: ____________
Printed Name: _________________________________

score: 201-599-6090