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The Newark Covenant House number is973-621-8705

Covenant House New Jersey is the largest provider in the state of services to homeless and at-risk adolescents under 22. In addition to food, shelter, clothing, and crisiscare, Covenant House New Jersey provides health care, educational and vocational services, counseling, drug abuse treatment and prevention programs, legal services, mother/child programs, transitional living programs, street outreach, and aftercare.


crisis Supportive Apartment Living
The Supportive Apartment Living (SAL) project is a permanent supportive housing project for youth demonstrating the maturity and skill needed tolive independently with a minimum amount of direct supervision. The project is designed as the last step in a continuum of housing services that Covenant House offers. In the upcoming months, Covenant House willopen two such separate facilities in Montclair and the Vailsburg section of Newark, for a total of 16 units. While there will be no 24 hour a day, 7 day a week supervision, youth residents will be expected to pay rent on a monthly basis, work as a group on maintaining the facility and basically live as regular tenants. SAL residents will haveaccess to the full complement of wrap around services offered at the Covenant House Community Service Center.

crisis Crisis Residential (Newark and Atlantic City)
Our Crisis Centers provide our kids with a safe haven to live while they stabilize their crises and work on a plan to transition to a stable living environment where they can continue to progress in their life goals.

rop Rights of Passage (Newark and Atlantic City)
Rights of Passage is a program that provides young men and womenbetween 18 and 21 with the chance they need to make a life for themselves away from the street. With the help of professional staff, mentors and volunteers, Rights of passage residents are provided with educational and vocational opportunities. Our transitional living apartment program helps bridge the gap for young people as they work, save money and learn how to live independently.

rop Raphael's Life House Mother/Child Program (Elizabeth)
Our mothers and babies program in Elizabeth house 12 young womenand their newborns, while the new moms learn to become good parents with the ability to support themselves and their children. Young women with health problems and other issues can receive treatment in our on-site medical clinics and participate in other CHNJ programs.

In 2010, we completed extensive renovations at Raphael’s Life House. During the previous year, Covenant House acquired the 125 convent that houses the moms and babies program to ensure the program would continue to be a safe haven for young families as long as they need us. Visit our newly designed website for more information. Click here:

rop Nancy's Place (Montclair)
In 2009, we opened a program especially for mentally ill homeless youth called Nancy’s Place in Montclair. In response to the special needs of this unique population, the program is staffed 24 hoursa day, and offers the intensive care these young people need to become self-sufficient and independent.


Career Development
Our education teachers help our kids reach their educational goals, from enrolling in school, getting their GED, to applying for college. Our vocational programs give them the tools they need to learn to obtain a job. They learn how to write a resume, where to look for work, and how to dress and prepare for an interview.

We have close working relationships with area hospitals when specialty care is needed. We work together with our community to provideeach young person with a comprehensive physical, treat their chronic illnesses and offer preventative education and care.

Our Substance Abuse Coordinator helps youth overcome their addictions on an outpatient basis on site. We also work closely with several inpatient rehabilitation programs so if any one of our youth needs additional help, we can help them by referring them to the appropriate programs. Our addictions specialists offer counseling to ourkids who are struggling with addictions or are in recovery and teach preventative didactic classes..

Youth Advocacy Center
Our attorneys represent our young people in civil legal matters,including immigration, housing, public benefits, and are advocates for our youth in the criminal justice system. From obtaining Identification to becoming emancipated, our attorneys provide an array of much needed services to the kids. In addition, the Youth Advocacy Department is responsible for helping to create the Tuition Waiver Bill and the Homeless and Runaway Youth Act.

Our Pastoral Minister provides spiritual guidance to our young people. Although our roots are in the Catholic Church, we are non-denominational and we accept youth of all religious faiths. The Pastoral Minister organizes staff and youth retreats, runs meditation classes, and helps youth with anything they need, from clothing, to finding furniture for their new apartments and just being a friendly face to talk to.

We help our kids find and maintain more permanent living situations by connecting with them after they leave us. Many of the youth come back to us for guidance and we maintain contact as they adaptin their communities.

Mental Health
About 90 percent of our kids have a mental health diagnosis, ranging from depression to schizophrenia. Our LCSWs access them, provideshort-term counseling and connect them to ongoing services in the community.

Youthbuild is a program that assists young adults in obtaining their GED’s, working towards a construction certification and developing theirpotential as leaders and positive role models within their community. For more information, click here or call 609-350-6756.