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       This weekend we had the pleasure of going to a BBq run by Children 4 Change It was a great time. We met them in the park Anderson that is and Tina was handing out flyers to us and Pasture Don They are a great organization they help feed the needy every 4'th Sunday of the month at Carver Park at 3 pm they hand out a nice meal. they also need some help BTW if you want to donate to them please do: The police commissioner Dropped by to see the good work they do as well.  

 so please help them out you can also email them at: See More — with Tina King.

I want to reiterate:

Children 4 Change had their monthly Barbeque at Carver Park 2 Clay Street in Hackensack Tina, Micheala, Sidney & Kevin Serving a nice meal to homeless and low income in our area.


 They will be having a Barbeque every 4'th Sunday of the Month. In July they will announce their new location for  Their meals.  You can check out their web site  You can also Email them at:  If you want to donate funds to them email them or  call Tina at 201-759-6209 

Children 4 Change is a non-profit organization that   Empowers youth to volunteer in thecommunity and Shows youth how become a positive part of the  Community and be committed. 

Hackensack Police Commissioner David Sims Dropped by To see the good work they are doing.