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There is a process to go threw if you were discharged from the BC Shelter: if you have any questions you can call housing;

Housing Authority of Bergen County

1 Bergen County Plaza, Hackensack, NJ 07601
(201) 336-7600

we tried to make the steps simple:


if you have a problem reading this they have a copy at housing and at the shelter.-details below>
Discharged from shelter for behavioral issues (clinical basis)
denied shelter/discharged-  request meeting with coordinator for program services.
Unresolved- then contact center director- 201-336-6475
Still not resolved- HBAC housing authority-exec. Dir.-Domingo 201-336-7600
Denied shelter admission-or discharged other reasons-
Program mgr of next step- 201-336-6478
Shelter mgr.-of Christ church-201-336-6478
Unresolved still-
Center director-201-336-6478
Next step to get back in-
HBAC –director- 201-336-7600
Coordinator for program services- Jody goffiedo
Center director-Julia Orlando
Program mgr-Linda Laukaitis

I hope this is a simple explanation